The Berrynice Berry Company

 is a hydroponic raspberry farm in the heart of the Stormberg which is in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our berries are grown and sunripened under the African sun and then handpicked before processing into our products.

Be sure to try our preservative free raspberry jam which contains more than 50% raspberries which are preserved in copper pots using an old fashioned farm recipe. We also in future aim to add syrup and sorbet to this range. Individually frozen raspberries as well as fresh raspberries in season make up our basket. In time we will also have blueberries, strawberries and English gooseberries available.

We also have a customised corporate gifting range which will leave a sweet taste in any customers mouth. You provide the budget and we will make up a sweet corporate gift to your specifications. We are involved with the Inkwanca Home based care centre in Molteno who cares for those infected and affected by HIV/Aids and include their crafts in our giftware.

Our project has been financed by the European Union in partnership with the Eastern Cape Provincial Treasury in order to assist with job creation, education and skills development amongst our impoverished community. Berrynice Berry Company is 65% BBBEE owned.

Please remember that �LOCAL IS LEKKER� and support our project if u can!

The Berrynice

 Berry Company is happy to to share some tips for selection and storage of Raspberries with you read more...

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 more than words. Have a look at our photo gallery, to see where the berries come from and what work goes in our products. Read more...

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